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About Battery Corner

Battery    Corner    has    been    a    family    owned    and    run    company    since    2008.    We    strive    to    give    our customers the best service and leading brands at the best prices. Our   staff   has   built   up   extensive   knowledge   and   has   received   the   best   training   available   in   the   industry, we   also   use   top   of   the   range   technology   available   to   be   able   to   give   our   customers   the   most   accurate result   on   their   battery.   Using   the   correct   battery   for   your   vehicle   is   essential   and   we   will   give   our customers the best advice to ensure a longer battery life and a happy customer.
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About Battery Corner



AWESOME SERVICE “During April 2006 I purchased an Opel Corsa.The car was brand new and fitted with a Willard Battery. I am still using the battery and it has

never let me down. I would like to thank you for the awesome service I have received from your product.”

– Shalen Shunker –

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Tel: 012 546 1397

Voip: 0872308447

After Hours:  Bianca 082 821 7140




Street Address: 625 President Steyn Street, Wolmer, Pretoria-North

012 546 1397

625 President Steyn Street, Wolmer, Pretoria North